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Benjamin Lloyd
Finance & Data Analytics

Specialising in Small and Medium Enterprises



Management Accounting


A UK chartered management accountant, I offer excellent technical expertise, support and advice in an intuitive and easy to understand manner.

Data Analytics


I bring you many years experience in data analytics - from customer, website and sales analytics to supply chains and operations.

Data Visualisation

I make complex data seem simple with data visualisations and dashboards (Tableau and PowerBI) tailored specifically to you and your company.

eCommerce & Retail

I have extensive hands-on eCommerce experience, in companies ranging from fashion and mass retail, to bespoke products.

Manufacturing & Operations

I have worked in many operations-based companies, and am now applying the knowledge learnt from multi-billion turnover internationals, to the practical needs of small local businesses.

Software Engineering


I have worked for multiple software engineering companies and can thus bring both best practice and industry-understanding to your problems.


Why Work With Me

Finance and data analytics have traditionally been two separate disciplines, undertaken by two separate teams.

Over the last few years, however, the sheer volume of data involved in finance, together with the ever-increasing

financial complexity of company data, has resulted in a merging of the two.

My specialism and expertise is exactly at this merger point. I have the data analytics skills to manipulate, analyse and evaluate large and complex datasets, as well as the financial qualifications and skills to understand and explain

what that data means.

Furthermore, I pride myself in presenting complex data simply, concentrating on the overall picture and the important factors, rather than irrelevant details. This enables clear understanding to inform your decision-making,

with my advice always centred around the most important considerations.

James Hirst, CEO

"Intuitive, collaborative and fully engaged. Ben gave me a better understanding of financial reporting in a week than in 20 years' of dealing with my accountant."

— The White Paper Conference Company

Testimonials & Case Studies

About Me


Benjamin Lloyd

Chartered Accountant (CGMA), MBA, MSc

About Me

Benjamin Lloyd

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